Our mats are eco friendly, latex, and rubber free

Because every other mat stinks.

Yoga is a therapeutic routine of stretches and fluid body movement for a meditating work out experience. We are featuring an advanced product line of scented yoga mats – never been done before for the ultimate zen experience. The mats are infused with either heavenly lavender or potent peppermint with four different color combinations and differing texture style on each side.

It has been scientifically proven that aromatherapy manipulates basic emotions via our olfactory neurons in the limbic system of the brain by improving how you respond to outside stimuli. More and more scents will be added, some to ease depression, improve memory, release anger, increase confidence, etc. This is not just a yoga mat but an exercise mat that you can use for on floor fitness, pilates, p90x, watching tv, stretching, etc.


Scented Yoga Mats
1/4 in thickness 24″x 72″

• A textured side for when you need that extra grip and a smooth side, so you always have a choice.

• Beautifully scented for just one person when you’re close to the mat.

• The carrying cases are made exclusively for our scented mats for perfect fit and to make the scent lasts even longer.

• Made with 100% pure organic essential oils.

• Colors: Purple, blue, pink, and red.

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