Our mats are eco friendly, latex, and rubber free

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Why We Did It

All yoga mats have one thing in common until now. They all stink.

Whether it smells like rubber, feet, B.0., or something you can’t identify, they stink. And why would you want your face close to that? Yoga is all about serenity, and we all know that scent relaxes us. Ahhhh, the pleasure of scent. Isn’t it what we love most? Really, what could be better than a wonderful and relaxing scent while doing yoga? Choose between a Heavenly Lavender or a Potent Peppermint.

The other issue our clients have told us is: “My yoga mat is too hard, too thin, just too uncomfortable, and too heavy.” Well we have listened. Our 1/4″ TPE design makes them soft and dense ensuring real protection from the hard gym floor. Comfort means you can enjoy your workout longer without stopping from pain. Lastly and most amazingly, we have answered all your needs and made our full size beautifully scented mats the lightest workout mat on the market today.

So please enjoy the result of everything our clients have told us to do for them. We are always open to your thoughts and suggestions.


“Hey Guys, I recently purchased a lavender sweet mat and love it. I have only had it for two weeks so I do not know how long it will hold up, but we’ll see. So far, it has been great. Very light, which is good for general reasons and when I sling it over my back on my bike. My Manduka seems like it weighs about 10 pounds and is much harder, the Sweet-Mat is almost weightless.  The cushion is great and the tactile or stickiness is also superior. My manduka has taken over a year to break in and the Sweet-Mat was broken in when new! So, use this and my name as a testimonial. As a teacher and perpetual yoga student, I will be buying more! Namaste”

“I actually heard about Sweet-Mat after a snowboarding accident in late January 2015. It has been the ONLY mat I can do my rehab on because it is SO comfortable! Before I would need to double up or keep a towel under me to tolerate any exercises and now all I need is my sweet-mat. I even started working here for the company because I loved the product so much. Plus it smells amazing!”

“I have a pair of sweet mat yoga pants and they are so com